SOEASY Container Camp Refugee Housing Solutions
Jul 02 , 2024

SOEASY Container Camp Refugee Housing Solutions

Millions of people are homeless due to war or natural disasters. Container houses are widely used as refugee housing solutions because of their easy and fast install advantages. The prefab container house for refugee camp can provide people with a durable and comfortable environment to live in. This type of house can last for dozens of years, it is easy and fast to be assembled, and its construction cost is not as high as traditional buildings.

Based on this situationSOEASY company upgrade new generation of container technology offers solutions for the housing problem of refugees through temporary living house. The Expandable house series has significant advantages in resolving the problems of refugee housing after the humanitarian crisis caused by the war.

Expandable house series advantage

1. Easy to transport1 package is 1 houseeasy for unloading and assemble

2. Fast to install2 min finish 1 houseonly by human powerno need heavy equipment

3. Recycle useeasy for remove

4. Economical costlower price and bigger size

Expandable house series have one room/two room/family home designthere always one design suitable for you!!!

Type A PRO : Expandable Tiny House 1 room designhave 10 and 14suitable for single people room/storage/office

Type B MEGA : Expandable Tiny House  201 bedroom with toilet designhave 1 bedroom and also living roomit is perfect for 1-3 people family home

Type C MEGA : Expandable Tiny House  202 bedroom with toilet design suitable for 2 people use,the middle partition wall panel ready made in factoryyou just need to open it in sitevery convenient

Type D ULTRA : Expandable Tiny House  402 bedroom with toilet and kitchen designhave 2 separate bedroomthe kitchen cabinet and the bathroom all includingit is best choice for 3-5 people family home

SOEASY company have best solution for refugee housing for you!!!

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