World Cup Prefab Home China Flat Pack Container And Detachable Container House Fans Village
Dec 16 , 2022

World Cup Prefab Home China Flat Pack Container And Detachable Container House Fans Village

It has been three weeks since the opening of the World Cup in Qatar.

Many fans have experienced the Qatar fan village for some time and most of them are very satisfied with the convenient accommodation near the World Cup venue.

World cup container house

But why Qatar, a small country with an area of only 11000 square meters, can quickly build the world's largest fan village in a very short time.

The key is the container house made in China.

And our company Soeasy, is exactly a China factory with 18 years of experience in container house exporting.

Container house camp

Qatar Fan Village is made up of detachable container house, which is also Soeasy's hot sell product.

Compared with civil buildings, the cost of container house is lower, and the construction is simple and fast.

Six people can assemble more than ten houses a day.

Although the installation of container house is simple, it can completely meet the living requirements.

In fact, its steel structure can withstand the strong wind of 120 km/h and the earthquake of magnitude 7.

Moreover, the walls and ceilings made of sandwich panels can play the role of sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, and resist ants and worms, so that the fans in Qatar can have a good living environment.

fans village container home

In addition, the construction materials used by Soeasy are all environment-friendly materials, which do not produce any construction waste, and can be disassembled 6 times.

Prefab container home hotel

To get the same effect of detachable house, flat pack container house is a more convenient choice.

Compared with detachable house, the ceiling and floor of flat pack house have been already installed, so you don't need to assemble a house from scratch.

The size of our packing box is 2.425m * 5.9m * 2.8H, which is suitable for quite a few scenes.

soeasy flat pack container home

It can be used as a shop or a rental house alone, or combined to form a large office building or villa with a maximum of three floors.

It is the best choice for many large site offices, government project buildings and mining site offices!

prefab container shop

In recent years, we have found that the environment-friendly and easily installed container houses are increasingly used in different scenarios.

Around the world, container room has become a more popular accommodation option.

Because of the modular installation of the container room and its various styles, container house can not only be used for home, but also often used in hotels,offices, disaster relief, resorts, camps and other scenes, with a very broad application prospect.

If you are interested in the container room and want to inquire about purchasing, please contact us, email:, whatsapp: +86 138 2777 0549

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